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dc.contributor.authorKazakova, O.-
dc.description.abstractL2 listening competence is a complex skill that needs to be developed consciously. It can best be developed with practice when students reflect on the process of listening without the threat of evaluation. The role of the teacher is very important, as the teacher not only guides students through the process of listening, but also motivates them and puts them in control of their learning. If students learn about the processes of listening they are likely to become more autonomous in their attitude and behaviour when presented with listening material. It is also likely that they will seek listening opportunities more readily outside the classroom, as they will view listening as a process as opposed to a product. Using listening activities to only test comprehension leads to anxiety which debilitates the development of metacognitve strategies.ru_RU
dc.subjectSound strategiesru_RU
dc.titleHow to Teach Effective Listening?ru_RU
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