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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Joint Dataset for CNN-based Person Re-identificationIhnatsyeva, S.; Bohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.
2021Formalization of People and Crowd Detection and Tracking in VideoBohush, R.; Chen, H.; Ablameyko, S.
2020Video-Based Content Recognition of Bank Cards with Mobile DevicesChen, H.; Ye, S.; Kurilovich, A.; Bohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.
2019A Joint Application of Fuzzy Logic Approximation and a Deep Learning Neural Network to Build Fish Concentration Maps Based on Sonar DataGlukhov, D.; Bohush, R.; Mäkiö, J.; Hlukhava, T.
2021Обнаружение и сопровождение объектов на видеопоследовательностях: формализация, критерии и результатыБогуш, Р. П.; Абламейко, С. В.; Bohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.
2020Effective Object Localization in Images by Calculating Ratio and Distance Between PixelsBohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.; Adamovskiy, Y.; Glukhov, D.
2020Robust object detection in images corrupted by impulse noiseBohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.; Adamovskiy, Y.
2021Object detection algorithm for high resolution images based on convolutional neural network and multiscale processingBohush, R.; Ablameyko, S.; Ihnatsyeva, S.; Adamovskiy, Y.
2021Обработка и анализ изображений микроструктуры металлов для определения балла зернаБогуш, Р. П.; Адамовский, Е. Р.; Денисёнок, С. Ф.; Bohush, R.; Adamousky, Ya.; Denisenak, S.
2021Estimation of People Movement in Video Based on Optical Flow Block Method and Motion MapsChen, H.; Bohush, R.; Chen, C.; Ablameyko, S.