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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The way of neutralization of oil chemistry and thermal power waste by utilization them in production of bituminous materialsStalmakh, D.; Bulauka, Y.
2021Oil sorbents from agricultural waste: а circular economic approachAnnayev, G.; Yakubouski, S.; Bulauka, Y.
2021The utilization of agricultural waste to produce oil sorbentsAnnayev, G.; Yakubouski, S.; Bulauka, Y.
2020Application of acid tar waste as fillers in bituminous materialsBulauka, Y.; Yakubouski, S.
2021The method of disposal of cellulose and lignin-containing wastes of the Lebanese Republic by obtaining oil absorbersAyoub, S.; Yakubouski, S.; Bulauka, Y.
2020Obtaining of bituminous materials based on acid tar wasteBulauka, Y.; Yakubouski, S.
2020Reduction of airborne particulate matters emissions reduction associated with petroleum coke productionLiakhovich, V.; Bulauka, Y.
2020Current State and Improvement of Methods for Identification and Assessment of professional Risks at Enterprises of the petrochemical Complex of the Republic of BelarusSamusevich, V.; Bulauka, Y.
2021Роль «безопасного лидера» в обеспечении профессиональной безопасностиФедоренко, К. И.; Адамович, Д. Н.; Булавка, Ю. А.; Fedarenka, K.; Adamovich, D.; Bulauka, Y.
2021Обеспечение безопасности при обращении с нефтепродуктами на автозаправочных станцияхКузьменок, И. Н.; Булавка, Ю. А.; Kuzmenok, I.; Bulauka, Y.