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dc.contributor.authorBodraya, A.ru_RU
dc.contributor.authorSharoglazova, G.ru_RU
dc.identifier.citationBodraya, A. GIS technology application for determination of potential zones of accidents on major pipelines / A. Bodraya, G. Sharoglazova // European and National Dimension in Research = Европейский и национальный контексты в научных исследованиях : electronic collected materials of IX Junior Researchers' Conference, Novopolotsk, April 27-28, 2016 : in 3 parts / Ministry of Education of Belarus, Polotsk State University ; ed. Dr. Dzmitry Lazouski [et al.]. - Novopolotsk : PSU, 2016. - Part 3 : Technology. - P. 136-139.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe author has collected and systematized data, determining factors causing accidents on major pipelines. The analysis of these data has found practical application in the establishment of GIS project maps of zones of potential accidents on major pipelines. The purpose of these maps is to identify potentially dangerous areas of pipelines, which are exposed to geodynamic factors, and timely warning of possible catastrophic consequences.ru_RU
dc.publisherПолоцкий государственный университетru_RU
dc.titleGIS technology application for determination of potential zones of accidents on major pipelinesru_RU
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