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Title: Energy consumption reducing in the aspiration systems at the woodworking enterprices
Authors: Selezniova, M.
Karaliova, T.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Полоцкий государственный университет
Citation: Selezniova, M. Energy consumption reducing in the aspiration systems at the woodworking enterprices / M. Selezniova, T. Karaliova // European and National Dimension in Research = Европейский и национальный контексты в научных исследованиях : electronic collected materials of IX Junior Researchers' Conference, Novopolotsk, April 22-23, 2014 : in 3 parts / Ministry of Education of Belarus, Polotsk State University ; ed. Dr. Dzmitry Lazouski [et al.]. - Novopolotsk : PSU, 2014. - Part 3 : Technology. - P. 108-111.
Abstract: The article deals with traditional and modernized aspiration systems at woodworking enterprises. It presents some activities for aspiration systems technology improvement, which help to reduce energy consumption. It researches a volume vertical packaged collector application in the aspiration system; it introduces graphical dependences of aerodynamic parameters and waste catching degrees during the modern aspiration system working. It contains the analysis of the results and recommends methods, which improve functioning of aspiration systems.
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