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Title: Business support center: have a question
Authors: Dubko, N.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Полоцкий государственный университет
Citation: Dubko, N. Business support center: have a question / N. Dubko // European and National Dimension in Research = Европейский и национальный контексты в научных исследованиях : electronic collected materials of XII Junior Researchers’ Conference, Novopolotsk, May 13-14, 2020 : in 3 parts / Ministry of Education of Belarus, Polotsk State University ; ed. D. Lazouski [et al.]. - Novopolotsk : PSU, 2020. - Part 2 : Economics. – P. 64-66.
Abstract: The relevance of small business development is considered, some results of the questionnaire survey of small businesses in the Vitebsk region are presented, the problem of small business is highlighted and an action is proposed to solve it.
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